Our Story

By the Experts. For the Experts.

Before starting Naturopathic medical school at 29, Dr. Sara B. Frawley worked as a chemist at a multiple labs for 6 years, never really finding her true niche. She got into chemistry to invent, but found working in laboratories to be unfulfilling. While scanning graduate programs in hopes of enhances her degree in chemistry, Dr. Frawley came across the field of Naturopathic Medicine and knew that this was what she was supposed to do for the rest of my life.


Fast forward 4 years of med school at one of the eight accredited schools in Naturopathic Medicine and 2 years in practice, Dr. Frawley realized (a) it’s really hard to start your own practice and (b) there are still combinations and variations of nutriceuticals yet to be discovered.


How are these things related? Well, who better to develop new supplements than the experts themselves (especially the ones who just memorized over 300 herbs and vitamins to take their board exams).

But, you might ask “with tens to hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, how can a new doctor or herbalist or nutritionist start their own supplement company?” This is where Ground Force Supplements can help.


Ground Force Supplements helps healthcare providers develop and launch their ideas. Under the Ground Force brand, each healer that develops a nutriceutical gets credit and, even more importantly, a percentage for each bottle sold.

What’s great about this product line is that it’ll be developed by the pros, the people recommending them on a daily basis. It will help meet the needs missing on the market today while providing a passive income stream to those who work so hard to support us in our healing journey.


Dr. Sara B. Frawley is currently a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing out of Wallingford Connecticut. For more information on Naturopathic Medicine or Dr. Frawley, please visit her website at DrSaraND.com